About the product?

JOCO BALM of Bees is a home made unguent developed by GLOFON H.M. For 2 generations the balm was merely used by family members and their friends and neighbors that got illnesses. The balm was proven to cure numerous sicknesses like burns, open wounds, boils, muscle pain and a lot more which people that had used it would attest to its efficacy to cure.


  • Roque Bello III
    I remembered your product that was showcase at SM Masinag. It was really good and effective.
    Roque Bello III
  • Angelina Dela Cruz
    Years of constant application of Joco Balm relieves my back pains. My senior friend on tour around the world claims that Joco Balm regains her ability to walk longer without the usual pain of arthritis, now she enjoys her time roaming.
    Angelina Dela Cruz
  • Wintle Amleht
    JOCO BALM of BEES organic and herbal is very effective against diaper rash proven ko na yan sa mga anak ko. Kahit sa pimples effective ipahitid mo overnight kinabukasan makikita no na ang effect. Even sa boils or insect bites.Kaya every time na nasa SM City Taytay Event Center sila bumibili ako. At lagi may stocks. Loyal user since 2011.Thank you
    Wintle Amleht
  • Ozelle Tellie Robles Clemen
    The effectiveness of the balm of bees was put into a test when my friend and I went to a trip last February 2015, good thing I bought the balm of bees, my friend got bruised while horseback riding, I offered the balm to her and the bruise healed quite well. In another incident, a friend was bitten by unidentified insects on his arm I also offered him to apply the balm in the affected area the itchiness, redness and swelling subsided even with just the first application. So I can really attest the effectiveness of the balm of bees to my family and friends. Thank you God for this product. It really helped a lot. I ordered 10 pcs of 10gms just the other day and all were sold out. From now on, I’ll make sure I have one in my bag wherever I go.
    Ozelle Tellie Robles Clemen
  • Principal Virginia Riola
    Pupils suffering from toothache,stomachache and other pains are healed with the application of JocoBalm. Also cures dizziness and itchiness. This can be our first aid for cuts, lacerations and other minor injuries.
    Principal Virginia Riola
  • Neri Geremia
    I always make sure na wherever i go,there’s a Joco Balm sa bag ko dahil ang diabetic ay nagkakaroon ng skin allergies at itchiness.
    Neri Geremia
  • Juliet Espino
    Baby Angelo was accidentally burned by boiling water at his lower back. Thanks to Joco Balm that was applied immediately. His scald skin healed in just one week;leaving no scar.
    Juliet Espino
  • Linda Nieva
    Joco Balm has been my first aid remedy for skin problems like insect bites, cuts, burns,rashes, pimples, aches and pains for more than 3 years now. I don’t leave the house without it.
    Linda Nieva
  • Commissioner Narda Camacho
    Nagkaroon ako ng allergies sa legs at kamay na mabilis kumalat. Salamat sa Joco Balm,kuminis na ang balat ko.
    Commissioner Narda Camacho
  • Myrna Vega
    Bilib ako sa Joco Balm of Bees. sinubukan ko eto ng may tumubo na bukol sa likod at underarm ko. Sa tulong ng JocoBalm,lumabas ang nana.
    Myrna Vega

Joco Balm of Bees is best for skin diseases, pimples, open wounds, muscle pain, abdominal pain, headaches, insect bite wounds, burns, scabis and boils.

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